Our cooling and refrigeration experts in Bundaberg


Here at Bundaberg Refrigeration & Electrical, we are very lucky to have such a dedicated and skilled team of experts. Our team have years of experience in cooling and refrigeration and always provide an end result that clients in Bundaberg will come back for. We are so confident in our work, that we have put some guarantees in place to fill you with the same confidence that we have.

We show up on time

There is nothing more frustrating that waiting around all day for a tradesman to show up. When you are dealing with cooling and refrigeration, there is the added problem that your stock could perish if it is left un-refrigerated for too long. This is why Bundaberg Refrigeration & Electrical always ensures that they get to the job as quick as possible and always show up on time.

Guarantee on all work

Our experienced technicians rarely make a mistake. But if they do, we provide a guarantee on our work and will go back and fix the job for free if you aren’t satisfied. This is just one of the reasons Bundaberg Refrigeration & Electrical are Bundaberg’s number one choice for refrigeration repairs.

We charge as quoted

If one of our technicians accidentally under quotes you, then we take the fall for it. We will always charge you as quoted and honour our original agreement. So what are you waiting for? Give Bundaberg Refrigeration & Electrical a call today!